Blonde Highlights


Blonde foiled highlights and warm brown lowlights, cut with long layers.

Stylist: Lorna

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout Temporary Hair Smoothing Treatment


Stylist: Katie

Young Men’s Haircut


Stylist: Lisa

Subtle highlights

DeronDeron 2
Subtle highlights placed to peek through hairstyle, not visible on the part line for easy grow-out. Cut with A-line layers. Also shown styled with wrap curls.
Stylist: Katie

Vibrant Reds

Auburn all-over color with bright copper highlights and dark cherry lowlights for a vibrant mix of red coloring.


Stylist: Katie

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup with false lashes. For a complete gallery of bridal work visit
Stylist: Katie

Bridal Hair and Accessories

Erin 2ivory silver band 2










For a complete gallery of bridal work go to

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Stylist: Katie

Two Toned Color

Lorna 1
Auburn coloring underneath blonde highlights, cut into a layered bob.
Stylist: Lorna

Warm Highlights

Warm honey colored highlights over a natural dark blonde, cut with long layers.

Stylist: Katie

Short Cut

Lorna 8

Short cut with highlights lowlights for gray coverage and blending.

Stylist: Lorna

Copper Color

Lorna 6

Copper Color with a layer bob to accentuate volume.

Stylist: Lorna

Hand Painted Highlights

Katie- Stacia
Hand painted highlights, blonde and honey-colored, specifically placed and off the scalp for easy grow-out.

Stylist: Katie

Long Layered Cut

Lisa 2

Long layers cut with facial framing and long bangs.


Stylist: Lisa

Blended Blonde


Natural brunette turned blonde by lightening base color and adding highlights and lowlights for additional dimension.


Stylist: Katie

Color for Gray Coverage

Lorna color

All over color application for gray coverage resulting in a natural blend of highlights and lowlights.


Stylist: Lorna

Highlights for Gray Blending

Lorna blonde highlights

Two tones of blonde highlights for natural gray blending.


Stylist: Lorna

Young Men’s Clipper Cut

Lisa Jake


Stylist: Lisa

Two-toned Highlights

Lisa blonde

Two tones of blonde highlights to freshen up for summer.


Stylist: Lisa

Rich brown with Honey Highlights

Katie Stacy

Rich brown all over color with honey and strawberry highlights added for contrast. Accented with a fun, flippy cut.

Stylist: Katie

Stylish Layered Bob

Lorna A line bob
Blonde coloring with a stylish layered bob.

Stylist: Lorna

Dimensional Color

Lorna blonde coverup
Dimensional all over color over a washed out and dull blonde.

Stylist: Lorna

Summer highlights

Lorna carmel highlights
Carmel and blonde blended highlights

Stylist: Lorna


Lorna prom updo
Loose and romantic updo for Prom.

Stylist: Lorna

Curly hair coloring

Lorna curly
Highlights and lowlights added to curly hair for a multi-dimensional look.

Stylist: Lorna

Treatment for Split ends

Lorna 5
Brazilian treatment for split ends, and semi-permanent color for extra shine.

Stylist: Lorna


Tami sombre
Golden highlights applied to the bottom half of hair for a summery glow.

Stylist: Katie

Carmel highlights

L carmel
All over color for gray coverage and carmel highlights throughout.

Stylist: Lorna

Beautiful warm blond

K Debby
All over blonde coloring for gray coverage, with strawberry lowlights added for warmth and dimension.

Stylist: Katie

Brazilian Blowout with color and cut

L BB and bob
Layered bob and color with a Brazilian Blowout for a smooth finish.

Stylist: Lorna

Violet contrast

K Sam
Violet coloring is the perfect contrast for this natural blond. Cut into long layers for visibility.

Stylist: Katie

Subtle Balayage

Katie balayage

Balayage highlights in a subtle caramel color, placed off the root for easy growout.

Stylist: Katie

Full Foil Highlights

Katie full foil

Warm brown roots for gray coverage with full foiled highlights in carmel and blond.

Stylist: Katie

Pixie Cut

Lorna- pixie

A cute pixie style haircut.

Stylist: Lorna

Balayage Sombre

Katie Allison balayage

Soft carmel highlights that gradually get lighter towards the ends.

Stylist: Katie



Blond and caramel highlights with long layers.

Stylist: Lorna


IMG_20170718_175441315_HDROmbre Balayage in carmel on an A-line bob.

Stylist: Lorna